Application Engineer

São Paulo, Brazil · SRE


About Wirecard

With 16 years of experience on the market, Wirecard AG offers more than 25,000 customers state-of-the-art technology, transparent real time reporting services and support in developing their international payment strategies: offline, online or mobile. The Wirecard Group has been supporting companies in accepting electronic payments from all sales channels. A global multi-channel platform bundles international payment acceptances and methods, flanked by fraud prevention solutions. When it comes toissuing their own payment instruments in the form of cards or mobile payment solutions, Wirecard provides companies with an end-to-end infrastructure, including the requisite issuing licences for card and account products.

About or Product & Engineering organisation

We are a multifunction team that uses technology and design to solve our customers problems and help them to thrive. We structure ourselves in small autonomous team with defined mission (aligned with Wirecard's strategy). This is our way to emulate small startups inside an scaling company. The teams owns the products and are 100% responsible for their success (or failure). We celebrate our wins every Friday, share our knowledge in guilds, meet-ups and tech-talks. We dream big, plan 3 months (with Okrs) and delivery value and ship code every day.

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About the challenge of the SRE / Devops team

The nature of our service is to balance security/reliability of our systems and innovation/agility of our product development. In oder to achieve that we work of distributed systems (decoupling the critical applications), we use automation to reduce toil and advocate the DevOps culture inside our organisation.

About the SRE / DevOps Engineer

SRE engineers are responsible to support our infrastructure and to deploy, improve and operate a wide range of systems and process within Wirecard platform providing our customers highly secure and reliable experience.



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